Raw materials and wear-resistant materials

  • Ceramic Milling Ball Zirconia Grinding Beads

    Ceramic Milling Ball Zirconia Grinding Beads

    The surface of the Ceramic Milling Ball Zirconia Grinding Beads is smooth, the strength is greatly improved, and the damage rate is greatly reduced. The damage to the equipment is reduced, which effectively extends the service life of the equipment. It is mainly used for grinding and dispersing ceramic materials, food, cosmetics, paint, coatings, pigments, and inks.

  • Granulation powder

    Granulation powder

    As an important molding method in advanced ceramic production, compression molding has been more and more widely used. Because of the more and more detailed requirements for the raw materials, it is necessary to process the material into particles which can fill the model evenly, improve the forming density of the green body and ensure the sintering density after the production in order to improve the fluidity of porcelain material, improve sintering performance, reduce sintering temperature. Therefore, the Granulation powder is particularly important to produce ceramics.